Envision, a leading global smart energy solution provider, announced today a strategic partnership with Bow Power to evaluate, develop, and operate utility-scale wind farm projects in Latin America, starting with a 90-megawatt project in the Peninsula of Yucatan, Mexico. This collaboration brings together state of the art technology and services provided by Envision, with engineering, construction and asset management capabilities from Bow Power and affiliate companies. “The purpose of this alliance is to work together to pursue specific opportunities across global markets, in an effort to enhance our participation in the renewable energy sector. Envision is committed to bringing advanced technologies to support Mexico in its energy transformation. We are committed to creating a clean and sustainable future while lowering the levelized cost of energy,” Envision Group Executive Director Felix Zhang said.

Bow Power joint venture in Energia Renovable de la Peninsula, developed by Envision’s local partner ViveEnergia, was awarded with two power purchase agreements (PPAs) with Mexico`s utility company CFE in the 1st Renewable Energy Auction (energy and clean certificates) and a third contract in the 2nd Auction offering capacity. “This is one of two projects in the country that has been awarded with contracts in two auctions to supply all three products demanded by CFE. It will add 90-megawatts to our 70-megawatt project located in the Yucatan Peninsula that will reach commercial operation in 2019, further consolidating Envision and ViveEnergia’s local presence,” said Rafael Valdez, Envision Managing Director for Latin America.

Partnering with experienced and reputable local and international companies is part of Envision`s core strategy, leveraging multiple synergies and bringing comprehensive solutions to different stakeholders, not limited to off-takers, investors and lenders, in very competitive global markets. The partnership with Bow Power is the first of its kind in Mexico as the companies explore business opportunities elsewhere.

About Envision Energy:

Envision is a global leader in renewable energy generation and smart energy management. Envision owns the world’s largest Energy IoT platform, EnOS?, currently managing more than 100GW of energy assets globally. It is also the second largest wind turbine manufacturer in China and the sixth largest in the world. Envision is committed to delivering Beautiful Energy energy that is clean, secure, and affordable and to act as a catalyst for solving some of the world’s biggest problems. Envision has regional offices across Asia, Europe, North and Latin America and has established global R&D and engineering centers in Denmark, Germany and the United States.

About BowPower:

BowPower is a joint venture from Spanish conglomerate ACS and Global Infrastructure Partners with the purpose to invest in energy assets at development status in strategic markets. Bow Power´s capabilities turn development and ready to build projects into real and productive assets, structure competitive and innovative financing, and manage construction and operation of assets by the best industry practices. During its first operation year, Bow Power invested and managed a total of seven assets with a total value higher than 1,200 million euros, including different technologies in several geographies.

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Photo: Reuters (Referential)